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there is something for everyone

There are opportunities for volunteers to support the community within a diverse range of not-for-profit organisations.


You can be sure we can find a volunteer role that will fit with you.

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Let us find the right opportunity for you

If you are looking for Volunteer work, please download and complete our Volunteer Application Form below and email it back to us.

download application form here >

The Volunteers Hub can assist people who want to volunteer by:

  • Providing advice about volunteering opportunities across a wide range of not-for-profit organisations.

  • Meeting with volunteers and connecting them with various roles that can meet their specific interests and availability.

Please contact the Volunteers Hub between 10am and 2pm at Greensborough Plaza on Thursdays, or at the pop-ups on Tuesdays (click here to see our pop-ups calendar). 


For more information and /or make a time to meet, please email the Volunteers Hub at:


SEEK Volunteer and Go Volunteer are a source of information on other volunteering opportunities.

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